Free GM Resource: Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Free GM Resource: Medieval Fantasy City Generator
This week's Free GM Resource is another city map generator called the "Medieval Fantasy City Generator" from a creator known as watabou.

You only get four options for size (small town, large town, small city, and large city), put the map is proceduraly generated so all you have to do is refresh your web browser and BAM! New map.

The map does get divided into wards and if you mouse over a ward you can see which group it belongs to. I personally didn't find that part useful, but your mileage may vary.

Example free city mapWho doesn't need a fast and easy town/city map at some time? This map was what I got when I loaded the page and all I had to do is save it as a .png file. Quick and easy as they come. The image was 920 pixels at 72 dpi which comes out to 12.778 inches. At 300 dpi the image is barely over 3 inches, so if you want print this out for use at your table you'll need to do some image processing.

Still for fast & free.....

Click on the lead-in graphic to go to the website or use this link.


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