Free Map #70: A Rural Countryside

Free Map #70: A Rural Countryside
This morning I buckled down and got to work on an overland map for my next adventure. I didn't expect it to take freakin 7+ hours, but there was a tiny detail....most people wouldn't even bother.....that I needed to figure out....again.

Basically something important to nobody but me was something I had to re-learn (and document this time) and it took some time. Of course I'll have to admit I did experiment with some other bits and bobs while I was at it.

If some of my previous maps were any indication, I could have gone with the huge over-sized map, which is my preference, but while I was figuring stuff out I figured why not screw around with some other methods and tweaks.

My Patron's map is also letter sized, but theirs is layered so they can add/subtract features to suit their needs. Their map doesn't have the Patreon "Ad" either.

Like usual, you can click on either graphic in this post to go to the download page, or you can use this link.

Free Map #70: A Rural Countryside (on Patreon)

PS. For those of your lucky enough to attend North Texas RPG....have a great weekend!


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