Free GM Resource: Inkscape

Free GM Resource: Inkscape
This week's Free GM Resource is an open-sourced vector graphics editor available for several computer operating systems, most notably Windows, Mac, and Linux. Best part is that Inkscape is free and open-source.

While this is a more generic graphics tool, Inkscape can really service a GM's needs with maps....especially maps that you might want to scale because most of the editing tools "out there" are specifically for raster graphics.

Vector vs. Raster Images

All, or at least the overwhelming majority, of the maps I release are raster images because they are set up for printing at specific sizes. Pretty much the same with the graphics for every Frugal GM product. Usually though, I create everything as a vector image so I can easily resize the image as needed.

I'm certain that Inkscape is one of those tools that once you start using it, you'll start to wonder why it took you so long. If you do any map work or RPG writing you'll want a vector graphics editor in your toolbox.

Seriously......pick up Inkscape today unless you already have the likes of Adobe Illustrator.


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