Free GM Resource: Fat Dragon Games Mapper

Free GM Resource: Fat Dragon Games Mapper
Any long-time readers know I have some mad love for Fat Dragon Games (FDG), so I try to keep tabs on what is going....like the Dragonlock 3 Kickstarter coming soon.

Until then those of us lucky enough to have some of the other FDG terrain can make use of this cool freebie, which is basically a down & dirty mapping program using FDG tilesets. This isn't a mapper for your home game so much as a planner for making maps using already owned tilesets.

1st off, you'll need to be a member of the FDG Forums and then head on over to the last page of the "Mapper for FDG" thread, which as of the timing of this post is here.

Download the mapper from the Dropbox link (while I could technically just link straight to the file, that is kind of an ass-hat thing to do and would only work as long as the current file is....well current), or wherever the current version is linked to on that forum thread.
Unzipping the program and initial set-up was a breeze....if you have any problems, just reference the ReadMe.txt file.

Screen shot of the FDG Mapper

I just slapped down some quick tiles to see how the program worked. It doesn't have too many bells & whistles, but it is quite serviceable. Once you make something you can generate a report that tells you how many of each tile has been used, which will help you print out just what you need to replicate your mapped/planned project.

You can also just print out the file to PDF or even save as a JPG. You aren't going to be able to use the resulting file as an actual VTT map and the JPG's resolution, in this example, is 160 inches by 120 inches at 5 pixels per inch.

Basically you can realistically only use this program for its intended purpose, which is to plan out your terrain printing needs. It is a useful tool and if you haven't been using FDG terrain tiles....well that is your loss....


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