Free FM Resource: A Threefor of HackMaster Basic

Free FM Resource: A Threefor of HackMaster Basic
This week I really want to show some extra love for my main RPG of choice: HackMaster.

I've featured a few freebies for this game before, most notably this post on the free release of HackMaster Basic. I played HackMaster Basic for a couple of years before we moved on to the "advanced" game, which is just referred to as HackMaster.

While the freebie HackMaster Basic is really all you need (rule-book wise), there is also a HackMaster Basic Quickstart Rules which covers a truncated character creation process. If you want/need even more help the quickstart character creation, the 1d8 Blog has a character creator that takes the simplified process (HackMaster Basic Quickstart Rules) from the simplified game (HackMaster Basic) and makes it even easier by only requiring a couple of mouse clicks.

I still prefer to roll up PCs the old-fashioned way, but sometimes you need/want something quick & dirty......

Technically this post is a twofer since we've already covered HackMaster Basic, but mentioning that again makes this a threefor. I have no clue if threefor is a thing, but I'm going to run with it....


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