Free GM Resource: Quassi's Bell Tower YouTube Channel

Free GM Resource: Quassi's Bell Tower YouTube Channel
You'd think with all of the crafting video I've been putting up lately that I've been waist-deep in my own crafting projects...but not so much. With the holidays coming up, work, and working way too slowly on my game room, I've made 0% progress on the tabletop crafting.*

As you can undoubtedly tell, this week's Free GM Resource is another Crafting YouTube channel: Quassi's Bell Tower.

The channel is about a year old at this point and while there aren't a ton of videos, the content is stuff I really hadn't seen elsewhere. What I really like, though, more than anything is the ability to see the crafting process through yet another set of eyes. While there are a lot of guys making similar(ish) props and tiles, being able to see how different people approach a build is quite useful. Ultimately when I/you start crafting we'll have to develop our own styles, but being able to pick up tips and approaches is really beneficial.

Check out Quassi's Bell Tower YouTube Channel.

*About a month ago I did actually build my own hot wire foam cutter station, but despite my best efforts I'm not all that happy with the end results. Great for rough cuts though and it was a fun exercise since almost all of it was made from bits and bobs from a reclaimed building materials place.


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