Free Monster Ecology: The Carnivorous Caterpillar

Free Monster Ecology: The Carnivorous Caterpillar
So yesterday I published what I think was a bit of an odd Tweak & Toss, because it seems a bit....well sometimes our real-life adventures don't quite add up or seem to be what we expect....and I'll leave it at that.

In conjunction with The Eaters of the Dead Tweak & Toss I did a write-up for a rather benign creature, just something interesting to inhabit a little corner of your game world.

The Ecology of the Carnivorous CaterpillarThe Ecology of the Carnivorous Caterpillar is available for free off of DriveThruRPG and also on my Patreon page. Clicking on either graphic or using this link will take you to DTRPG, while this is the Patreon link.


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