Free GM Resource: TabletopMusic.com

Free GM Resource: TabletopMusic.com
I love being able to bring in some elements that can help kick my home game up a notch. One relatively easy way of doing this is by introducing sound effects into your game, and the easiest way of doing that is to just use some good background music.

There are some CDs (Midnight Syndicate anyone?) available, but I've always liked music that was a little more customized. I've featured some sound track resources before and here is another one.

TabletopMusic.com is an online music player that you can check out for free, but it features a music randomizer. Great news is you can also register for free and establish a playlist.

If you like the music you can always sign up on TabletopMusic's Patreon. The reward levels on Patreon start at a $1 a month. Not free like the online player, but hey, 50¢ a track is damned cheap! Right now there are about 38 tracks, give or take, and this Patreon is a new endeavor, so you could get in on the ground floor.

You really should check out TabletopMusic.com

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