New Frugal GM Tweak & Toss: Eaters of the Dead

New Frugal GM Tweak & Toss: Eaters of the Dead
With all of the unexpected curves that life like to throw at, well everyone, it has been far too long since I've out out a Tweak & Toss OSR Adventure Seed.

FGM044a: Eaters of the Dead is a short little adventure seed that has the party trying to investigate something that the villagers cannot. It could be a rather trivial thing, or not....just depends on how the GM wants to take things.

This download drops on Tuesaday, November 7th and I'm writing this post in advance, so if there are any problems it might take me a couple of hours to figure it out, but figure it out I will.

Eaters of the Dead Tweak & Toss

These kind of items hit my Patreon page earlier than they get released on DriveThruRPG. Patrons also have access to better/larger maps used for my Tweak & Tosses....

Like usual, you can click on either graphic in this post or use this link to go to the appropriate download page.


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