Free GM Resource: Dragondex (Dragon Magazine Index)

Free GM Resource: Dragondex (Dragon Magazine Index)
I know a lot of us gamer types tend to collect RPG books, magazines, and well....stuff. One of the crown jewels of my collection is the Dragon Magazine Archive. Two hundred & Fifty Dragon magazines in PDF form.

Now many of might have the PDFs because they've been pirated, shared, and otherwise "out there" for some time. A few years back I was able to pick up the actual physical product for my collection*.

This week's Free GM Resource is an invaluable tool for those of us who have the Archive: Dragondex. The Dragondex covers a lot more than the 1st 250 issues, actually up to issue 359 as well as some extra materials. With this site (personally I just downloaded the individual web pages so I could not be using up the creator's bandwidth more than necessary) a Dragon reader could figure out where a specific article was located.

If you have any amount of Dragon magazines in your collection you need to check out Dragondex.
Seriously.....check it out.

*My favorite RPG, HackMaster (well at least the original OSR "4th Edition") was borne from the boondoggle that was the Dragon Magazine Archive and part of the reason you probably have to settle for bootleg/pirated copies of this product because they (WotC/Ha$bro) didn't have the rights to reprint/republish some of the material in Dragon, like some of the Knights of the Dinner Table strips. This is why I wanted a physical copy so bad....and found one.


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