Far Away Land RPG Kickstarter is now Live!

Far Away Land RPG Kickstarter is now Live!
I just now found out that there is a new Far Away Land Kickstarter.

Actually there have been a couple past Kickstarters that I didn't know about, which is probably good for my wallet, but I totally missed out on one I would have snatched up...

...oh well, I'll just have to buy it when it becomes available.

I'll fully admit I have yet to get into a FAL game yet, but the last con I attended was in 2016 and I don't currently have a home group (yet).

If this interests you at all, you should check it out. My gut tells me that the price for what I want is kind of hefty, BUT I have enjoyed absolutely everything I've picked up fro FAL to date. More than likely I'll go for the whole paperbook pack even though I really want the premium color hardback edition. Since I want to actually get a chance to use the books, instead of them being pretty spines on my shelf, I think the paperbacks with PDFs will be a better fit...


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