Happy GM's Day From Fat Dragon Games!

Happy GM's Day From Fat Dragon Games!
Normally I'd probably save this for a Free GM Resource, and maybe I'll call it good for tomorrow's post......

Today is "GM's Day" and the 13th Anniversary of Fat Dragon Games (FDG) being in business. To celebrate the occasion FDG is having a large sale on quite a few of their items over at DriveThruRPG.

If that wasn't enough, they are also giving away another mini set of files for FREE if you sign up for their newsletter. I'm sorry.....did I say "another mini set"? I mean there is a freebies mini set (FDG0216 Dragonlock Ultimate: Wide Wall Set), but they've also posted a link to all of the previous freebies from the monthly newsletter.

Seriously....sign up for the newsletter. There are 12 previous newsletter' freebies since the 1st one in March of 2017.

Fat Dragon games 13th Anniversary


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