....and We're Back! Did You Miss Me?

....and We're Back! Did You Miss Me?
First off, I know that I pretty much took two whole months off from this blog when I was only expecting to take one off. A short-notice job opportunity popped up and it was pretty much a one-in-a-lifetime good deal that I couldn't pass up. I had to quit one job, pack up and sell my house, move across country, and get settled in.

That was the month of May in a nutshell. The job was to start on June 1st and when I showed up for work......I didn't have a job. It was a bit of a hot mess that got sorted by mid June and now I'm busy with all the required training for the new gig. Most of my household is still in boxes because I couldn't bring most of my furniture and I've been holding off until my old house finally closes so I can buy/build the furniture I need. I will publicly state that I already have a dedicated gaming room and I think it'll rock when it is done.

Even though I don't have my normal elaborate computer setup I can get by with my laptop, so we're back on schedule for regular updates.


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