Free GM Resource: Beyond Skyrim Bruma OST

Free GM Resource: Beyond Skyrim Bruma OST
This week's Free GM Resource is a freebie soundtrack that I think would find some great use as background "mood music" at any Fantasy RPG table. Beyond Skyrim Bruma is a HUGE add-on/mod for Skyrim. From what I've heard it's basically a huge piece of add-on content that is practically a whole game worth of content unto itself.

The freebie is the soundtrack for the mod and it's huge as well. Sixty (60!) tracks which are mostly background scores, but there are also some bard songs, which I found intriguing because while I've been able to find a decent amount of background music....what I would consider "foreground music".....not so much. Sound effects, yes...music...no.

You should really check out Beyond Skyrim Bruma Original Game Soundtrack. The cool thing is you can preview all the tracks to see if this is a free download you want taking up space on your hard drive. I think you will want it.....


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