Free GM Resource: Static Grass Applicator (V2) Plans/Build

Free GM Resource: Static Grass Applicator (V2) Plans/Build
My house is still way too packed and I'm in training at my new job, so there's a reason the Frugal GM is behind the curve with posts. My new game room/office is still a work in progress, but I hope to at least have the new desk squared away this weekend. Then I can stop trying to do everything off of my laptop and backup drive.

Of course my 12 readers probably don't care about that...(tough, I'm sure I'll post pics of game room progress because I can!)...they want the freebies.

This week's Free GM Resource is just some information, albeit some (I think) cool information: how to build a static grass applicator. I've seen some DIY static grass applicators a couple of times now and this one is the most DIYest and best finished result that I've seen yet. A lot of GMs make their own terrain, or paint their own miniatures, or more than likely try to make/do these things but.....

Flocking terrain and mini bases really makes home game table efforts look more polished and/or professional. For years my go-to was to just lay down some glue and sprinkle the grass on and call it good. Well, "good" might not be the best adjective, but it beats having to purchase little grass tufts.

B.C.R. Model Scenery Made Easy is a website devoted to model scenery (duh), but in my experience that usually means model trains. This site is well worth poking around, but I'm specifically highlighting the Static Grass Applicator Version 2. The build video is well-made and there are some additional videos highlighting using the applicator.


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