Free GM Resource: World Anvil

Free GM Resource: World Anvil
I know I'm a couple days late here, but this week's Free GM Resource is something one of my GMs uses and I thought that others could find some good use out of it.

World Anvil is a website where the GM can essentially....you know, I should just use their own words: "World Anvil is a worldbuilding tool for Authors, Storytellers and worldbuilding lovers. It's an online set of tools specifically designed for  Bloggerworldbuilding. It will allow you to organise your world, search through everything and anything with ease, present it publicly and get feedback from a community of worldbuilders around the globe."

I did some of this once with Blogger, but it was a lot of work. If you actually share world-building chores you'll probably want to upgrade to a paid membership, but there is a feature-packed free version.


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