Google is Killing G+ but Frugal GM is not Going Anywhere

Google is Killing G+ but Frugal GM is not Going Anywhere
Courtesy of James V. West
If you haven't heard, Google's G+ is going away because they don't wish to support it anymore. Invariably this means that some of the comments on Frugal GM posts will disappear, if theiy haven't already.

Some bloggers, probably with a lot of activity stemming from G+ participation, aren't happy and I've heard more than one state they were going to move away from Blogger. While other platforms like Wordpress can offer a lot of functionality if you have a good host, I highly doubt that I'll be migrating away from Blogger anytime soon. In the future I may add an additional site specifically for product sales, but posts shouldn't be going anywhere.

Why.....you might ask....because Blogger is pretty damned simple and solid. My friends with Wordpress sites might have awesome pages with some cool features, but they have to occasionally deal with their site going down because of some new plugin or mandatory Wordpress upgrade. The only time I've had problems here is when I've tried to screw around with the coding for this site (which is kind of unique).

Commenting still works here and if I need to do something different I'll make sure to give everyone a heads' up.

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