Free GM Resource: Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

Free GM Resource: Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator
Ugh......confession time here. I had already decided last week what this week's Free GM Resource was supposed to be. Yesterday I sit down to be all productive and actually write the post and setup for scheduled delivery............and

.......and....the resource (Wonderdraft).....isn't free. Well that kind of defeats the purpose. I think I had come across some old information where it was free in a beta, but not anymore.

I'm still eyeballing Wonderdraft because it isn't terribly expensive and it might actually work rather well for what I have in mind, even if I cannot share it as a Free GM Resource...but here's a twofer in the form of Free Wonderdraft Map Icons.

Ok, enough about a program that isn't free and about something that is.....and something that is pretty cool to boot because I made Narmer wait until "next week". I think Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator really fits the bill. 1st off....there is something like a bazillion tweaks/options for you to tinker with. Loading the page gets you a random seed and you can really just build from there. The thing is, there is so much to this generator you'll get lost in the weeds unless you just hit it on a high-level pass.

Fortunately there are several ways you can do a deep-dive and get everything possible out of this generator. There is a quick-start guide, a wiki, and even a Reddit community to help out.

Here is an initial proceduraly-generated map that I only tweaked maybe two or three options that really don't show up until I zoomed in. On this map you can see where cultural boundaries overlap geo-political ones:
Random example map with a tweak or two

I'm planning on trying to replicate one of my old world-maps in Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator and seeing just how far I can take it. If I can get it to where I'm happy with it I will definitely share it. Regardless, you should definitely bookmark, and check out, Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.


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