Cool Kickstarter from some DungeonMorph Dice

Cool Kickstarter from some DungeonMorph Dice
OK folks....here's the deal. Inkwell Ideas is running a Kickstarter for another round of DungeonMorph Dice. These dice aren't cheap (which is odd coming from a guy who buys a lot of much more expensive dice) and at first glance I wouldn't consider them normal "Frugal" fare, but you could easily toss them in my normal realm for being a relatively lightweight/inexpensive way to generate countless locations quick & easy.

Joe Wetzel, of Inkwell Ideas, is what we'd call (if you were from my particular neck of the woods) "good people". If you look at his website you'll see several products I've recommended in the past, and I think I already have the earlier set of the DungeonMorph Dice. I know I've used them before and I can say they're pretty cool. I'm also a bit excited to see he's brought in some outside help, with some of these folks that I'd label as "Friends of the Frugal GM"....if that was such a thing.

Some work-in-progress Geomorph designs
Some designs being worked on....

There are some other products available, namely some geomorph cards of a couple sizes. I have some geomorph cards at home, but for some reason I've yet to use them.....so I'm going on on 9 sets of dice, which I think is all of the dice made to date including the three new sets from this Kickstarter. Worst case I have some extra dice, and who doesn't love extra dice?

I think this is a cool project and I think you should check it out. There's a month left in the campaign, so plenty of room to get in on the "ground floor" on some cool dice.


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