Free GM Resource: Token Stamp 2

Free GM Resource: Token Stamp 2
Today I got off work early and checked out some of the local game stores where I'm at. I probably spent more than I should have on minis, a Deadpool Expansion for Marvel Munchkin, and a d60....not sure if I already had a d60 or not, but what the hell.

Not everyone has, or even needs, physical minis. I do have a bunch of digital tokens for when I play online (they come in handy on some PC/NPC sheets too), but I really don't have a lot of extra time to waste making tokens......probably because I'd use the tools I already have on my computer, like Photoshop or GIMP.

Instead I can use Token Stamp 2 to easily put together new tokens. Drop in an image, tweak a few settings, maybe add some text....and done. You can easily make not just one token, but a few variations of that token with overlays (...maybe status indicators?). Regardless of how many, or few, tokens you need for your game you should bookmark (and use) Token Stamp 2.

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  1. SO cool. Thanks very much for the tip on this great little gadget.