Free GM Resource: 3d Plate Tectonics

Free GM Resource: 3d Plate Tectonics
This week's Free GM Resource is a cool little website that proceduraly generates a whole little world. Tectonics has a bunch of settings you can play with in the web browser controls.

I've been tinkering with it for a while and I'm not down with all the settings yet. Things kind of broke for me when I sped time up to something like 10K years per second.

Still, being able to toggle "view crust density" and "view height map" worked well for me. If I did something I didn't like it wasn't a big deal just refreshing the page to get a new map. Not enough detail for me to use as a game world in my campaign, but I could really see using this to generate the view of a moon.

Still, what I'd use and how has no real importance beyond my table. Please go check out Tectonics for yourself and see if you can get any good use out of it.


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