A Twofer of Free GM Resources from Lord Zsezse Works

A Twofer of Free GM Resources from Lord Zsezse Works
My unfortunate vacation lasted a day longer than expected because the new laptop charger arrived a day later than expected.

That's ok I guess because my hotel has HBO Go so I can catch up on the final season of Game of Thrones. I also found an awesome local comic book/game store and found some gems that are going to cause me to have to check an extra bag on the way home. I'll have to post about that later.....

Anyway, this week's Free GM Resource is a quartet of (freebie) cardstock models from Lord Zsezse Works. You can find models for a tuck box (I could see changing the dimensions for other sized boxes), armor stand, Crystal chamber, and a Cloister.

You can find the freebies here.

Now I'm not sure how well received four paper models are these days, so maybe I should also highlight some of Lord Zsezse Works other freebies. On this second page are a couple more paper models, some cut files (assuming you have a Robocutter), some maps, and a few free tiles.

The good thing about these freebies is that if you like them, then you'll probably enjoy Lord Zsezse Work's for-sale products.


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