Gearing up for NTRPGCon

Gearing up for NTRPGCon
For those of you who don't know, next week is North Texas RPG Con. Last time I was at this convention was 2015 and it happens to be the last time I got to sling some dice. Between my divorce, move across country, and a new job.....let's just say I don't have a home group anymore and haven't really been able to even look for one.

Needless to say North Texas RPG Con 2019 is a big deal for me. I've spent a lot of my free time last week working on some thank you gifts for the GMs running my games. It's just a little something I like to do, a thank you card and a small something-something. Last time I made some gaming boxes out of some wooden boxes for high-end booze. It helped that I was working at a couple Liquor Stores at the time. I like to think my personal gaming box is the coolest, followed up by the one that "Mrs. Tenkar" got, but only because they were made from cases for really expensive Scotch.

Frugal GM Thank You Card
GM Thank You Card

This year I tried to make more boxes, but instead of booze cases I went with cigar boxes, because that is what I had available after hitting up a few flea markets/antique stores. This was a big mistake because most wooden cigar boxes use thin wood for the sides and basically custom plywood for the tops & bottoms. Sanding the boxes was difficult, embedding the rare earth magnets was difficult, and painting (to include wet sanding down to 1500 grit) wasn't easy. The end results.......big-time fail. Even with a bazillion magnets embedded in the lid and base, the two didn't mate up together quite right. The paint job didn't come out nearly as well as it should, and even if the boxes were silky-smooth, they looked like crap.

So here I am, four days before the con and I have jack squat for GM gifts. I have one box (not made from a cigar box) for a buddy of mine and some thank you cards. Luckily I had a backup idea which I was able to work on today and might get finished by tomorrow. Tuesday I have to pack, so things have to be wrapped up tomorrow. When I'm done I'll post some pics.....after the convention. Don't want to spoil what little surprise I have available.

I'll try to post from the con, but hopefully I'll be rather busy.....


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