Free GM Resource: Daniel's Maps (Free Maps on Patreon)

Free GM Resource: Daniel's Maps (Free Maps on Patreon)
I've been spending this week at work (so far) up to my elbows dealing with computer upgrades, software updates, and documenting things so my more computer-illiterate co-workers (hey, they self-identified!) could deal with issues down the road. When I come home I've been staying off the computer to re-charge.

Well tonight I fired up the laptop and poked around/caught up on Facebook and came across this one map artist advertising his free maps. Daniel's Maps is a Patreon page and most of his offerings are for Patrons, BUT he does have some good freebie maps for download.

I'm digging what I'm seeing and am going to seriously consider adding Daniel's Maps to my already-too-large list of my own Patronage. Seriously though, check out his Patreon and enjoy the freebies he's made available.

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  1. Killer maps! I will point people here this week on my blog/podcast.