Free GM Resource: Free Map Tiles by Madcowchef (via Devient Art)

Free GM Resource: Free Map Tiles by Madcowchef (via Devient Art)
Unfortunately my day job has me offsite for a month, which has been.....interesting so far. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

I'd spent some of my unexpected free time this weekend looking for some specific art resources for a project I'm working on and even though I doubt I'd ever be able to use anything found on the site I did poke around Deviant Art a little bit and cane across the work of "Madcowchef", specifically a few sets of  freebie map tiles.

As of the timing of this post there looks to be eight (8) sets of tiles: Underground, Forested, Diabolic Fiery Waste, Winterscape, Fortifications, Tree City, Desert, and Swamp. They're a bit small for my taste at 72dpi and a size of 14"ish square, but I'm sure that some GMs could get some really good use out of them. I'm coming around to the idea of printing them up small and using them as mini, mini maps, like this idea from my buddy @billiambabble

Regardless of the specifics on how I'd use these freebie map tiles I thought I'd share and see if any of my 12, or is it now 13....(?)...irregular readers get up to utilizing these cool small-scale maps.


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