North Texas RPG Con: Day 0 Report

North Texas RPG Con: Day 0 Report
Hoody-Hoo.....I'm on vacation at North Texas RPG Con. Today's already been a bit of a challenge, even though it is just under a 3 hour drive. The challenge is....well...because....it's self-inflicted. I forgot an important piece of clothing back home and had to drive across Dallas to pick up a replacement.

That kind of sucks....BUT there just happens to be a Half-Priced Books in the same shopping complex. I managed to score quite a few books including the Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection in hardcover, along with some Appendix N paperbacks.

RPG stuff and Appendix N Reading MaterialGetting to the hotel was easy enough. After settling in I managed to hookup with Mr. & Mrs. Tenkar to go out to dinner outside of the immediate area, since we'll all have plenty of chances to eat here. After dinner a quick trip to another Half Priced Books and I found some more Appendix N reading materials. There were some older RPG stuff, but most of it was comically over-priced. Games most people have never heard of, much less played, from maybe 5-10 years ago and priced 2-3x what you could find on Amazon or Ebay.

Later I was able to check in to registration for the con and pick up last year's and this year's convention modules. This rounded out my haul nicely.

GM Gifts
I figured I can finally share the GM presents I made for the GMs of the games my buddy and I will be playing. As I stated in an earlier post, my boxes were complete failures. I did manage to make 6 sets of coasters out of wood and cork. By my quick count though I was registered for 7 games. I went back to the store to get more wood, but they were out of the particular product I needed. They did have these rather rough boxes though, and I liked the way the top & bottom fit together. After sanding, branding, and a quick Danish Oil treatment, I added a couple of layers of cork to the top, to act as a possible coaster, and a stained leather bottom, to serve as a rolling tray (Stupid Aside: I think this is the most commas I've used in a single sentence before).

I really liked how these coasters and boxes came out and I think I'll be making more of them in the future.


  1. Wow! So thoughtful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this awesome series! I am going to link folks here this week on my blog/podcast.