North Texas RPG Con: Day 1 Report

North Texas RPG Con: Day 1 Report
Day 1 of North Texas RPG Con is finished, at least for me. The day started with and unexpected run to Walmart for deodorant because for some inexplicable reason the deodorant was missing from my pre-packed ditty bag. I travel a lot for work so I have my toiletries pre-packed and I should be good to go. No biggie since I didn't schedule any games until the afternoon.

I picked my buddy up at the airport around 1230 and after check-in and lunch we played our first game of the con, which was War Pigs. I started out the game at a severe disadvantage, but by playing defensively until the end I managed to almost win.......my buddy finally got his Naval Gunfire to work right and waxed me just as I was about to take out his tank full of troops. It was more fun than I had expected and I could see War Pigs be a good first-step for getting kids into war-games, assuming that was a goal.

New items from New Big Dragon Games UnlimitedLater we played in a Planet Meat adventure (I think it was part of a new supplement) for Dungeon Crawl Classics. It was hella gonzo and just off-the-way crazy....and fun. I'm usually more of a fan of "serious" RPGs, but if you get to play in one of Doug Kovacs' games......DO IT! I don't think I'd enjoy him as a regular GM, just because of a clash of styles, but I'll be the first to say that I could not run, even with a Co-GM, the number of players he does while having everyone enjoy the game. We had one survivor in the game and it sure wasn't my poor PC, but again I did make it almost to the very end. I ended up missing a critical Luck roll by 1, or we could have had two survivors.

Not too much loot picked up today. I had a set of metal dice, including a d30, to give to my favorite d30 Table Generator, Richard LeBlanc, Jr./New Big Dragon Games. He, in turn, gifted me some of his new stuff, which I am so looking forward to viewing/reviewing.

Not a bad 1st day of the con.......


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