New d30 Table is Up/Out: FGM045a Random Business (Building) Generator.

New d30 Table is Up/Out: FGM045a Random Business (Building) Generator.
The last couple of weeks I've been overseas on a business trip and while I was gone I had some down time where I was stuck in my hotel due to a fricken typhoon......and it's name was LingLing!

I can't make this stuff up!

What I was able to make up though was the beginning of a series of planned d30 tables for making a business for a fantasy RPG community: FGM045a Random Business (Building) Generator.

Usually I go big to small and figure out how many businesses/shops/whatever are in a given locale and work from there.

FGM045a Random Business (Building) Generator.
What I didn't have, and took a far more math than I ever expected, was something for taking an unknown business......as in, "The party has walked up to the nearest storefront.", and figured out what it is or could be.  Figuring up the percentages and making everything work with two d30 rolls was the ugly fun part.

I'm happy with the way the tables worked out, but I'm cognizant that this is of limited use to most, which is why I have at least one follow-on d30 table-set planned to help round things out.

If you're one of my regular 13 readers, please feel free to pick one up (just put $0 in the Pay What You Want box).


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