Free GM Resource: Historic Cities (Map Collection)

Free GM Resource: Historic Cities (Map Collection)
I know I like to use this general graphic for maps I've been working on, but for this week's Free GM Resource I wanted to make a tweak and use it for this collection of maps I came across recently.

Historic Cities is a map collection of roughly 448 (if my count if right) historical maps. Some of the maps are a bit difficult to navigate in that when you initially try to view the map you get a picture of just a single building.

You basically have to make a couple of clicks and look at the "hi-rez" version of the maps to get a good look.

Anyway, I love the look of old maps and if I had one iota of artistic talent I'd make maps in that style myself. I'm already thinking of a way I could pull it off, but that's just adding one more thing for me to attempt to add to my list of things to work on......


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