Free GM Resource: 3d Print Files for Printing Maps & Terrain

Free GM Resource: 3d Print Files for Printing Maps & Terrain
One thing I have really wanted to do since realizing what a 3d printer could do was to be able to print out some of my maps for table-top use. Now I don't need a large or gaming scale printout, although that would be as cool as it would be resource intensive, but a mini version of the map more akin to tiles......that would be cool.

Evidently there will be a Kickstarter next month doing almost EXACTLY what I've been thinking about, but in a more useful hex-crawl standard tiles sort of way....which I'll share when it goes live.

Anyway...this article from the Prusa Printer's blog details how you can download and convert the necessary digital information so you could take and print out a section of real-world terrain on your 3d printer. Most everything mentioned being used is free, but even the stuff with a cost seems to have some trial periods should you need to take advantage of that.

The article can be accessed in the normal fashion: clicking on the graphic above or by using this link. I'm looking forward to having some of my maps (I often alter real-world locations) printed up.


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