Humble Bundle D&D Terrain Supporting Direct Relief

Humble Bundle D&D Terrain Supporting Direct Relief
I just found out about a good opportunity to get some good 3d and cardstock terrain pieces at a good price.

Humble is doing a bundle supporting the Direct Relief charity and you can get a LOT of great pieces for not a whole lot of money.

This bundle is being backed by 3dprintcraft, Hobgoblin 3d, Frog God Games, and Fat Dragon Games, so you know you'll be getting some quality stuff*.  I already have a ton of this product already, but the stuff I don't have is a great deal....

For example:
Hobgoblin 3d Market Set

This market stall bundle retails for $14.99 on the Hobgoblin 3d site, and is on sale for $6 right now. If I pledge/donate $8 to the Humble Bundle I'll get it along with 14 other products! Even though/if I have half of the other products I'm so far ahead with the other half it isn't even funny.

I highly suggest jumping on this if you do any 3d printing, although there are some good paper models included as well!

Frugal GM Tip: Make sure you look at where your money is going since you'll get the option to choose how much goes where. I noticed that the bulk of the default recipient of your $$$ was going to a publisher that doesn't have  product that is part of the bundle!
Double-check where the $ is going
I have been told that FGG did help coordinate the bundle, but still....

*Apologies if I missed anyone....


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