Free GM Resource: DIY Terrain Modeling "Recipes"

Free GM Resource: DIY Terrain Modeling "Recipes"
This week's Free GM Resource is a bit of a deviation from my norm in that I'm kind of dipping back into a previous freebie form some time back, but I'm not actually recycling the old post.

Close to three years ago I highlighted Luke's APS YouTube channel and these last several weeks I've been watching &/or re-watching a LOT of YouTube while working on my laptop. I prefer YouTube to watching movies on Hulu or the like since I don't have to follow along so much.

Anyway.......Luke has a couple hours of content specifically regarding some DIY terrain modeling supplies and I thought "I really need to right this stuff down!"....so I did! I also watched a few associated videos and one of the recipes comes from a different channel.

While I do really recommend you watch those videos, it's a nice thing to have the details written down and in one case I think I improved the recipe a bit with a little math (Luke was diluting 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, when it is generally easier to get lower % at the store, but not right now during this COVID-19 hoopla.) and I did some leg-work on sourcing ingredients.

Now instead of cutting & pasting the Google Docs I actually made for my own use, I'll just link to them here. This way if I make any additions or changes for my own use, I don't need to update this page. For the record, I haven't made any changes specifically for use here on Frugal GM.  While I'm at it I'll go ahead and provide a link to the YouTube video I pulled the info from:

Homemade Modpodge (good for base-coating foam terrain) YouTube Video Source

Homemade Flow-Aid (good for hobby painting in general) YouTube Video Source

Homemade Acrylic Retardant (makes paint dry slower & some blending) YouTube Video Source

Homemade Airbrush Thinner (assuming you use an airbrush) YouTube Video Source

Homemade Airbrush Cleaner (again, if you use an airbrush) YouTube Video Source

Homemade Sculptamold (good for making terrain) YouTube Video Source


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