Free GM Resource: Appendix N Library at the Internet Archive

Free GM Resource: Appendix N Library at the Internet Archive
I think everyone who plays RPGs, assuming they like to read, should have an Appendix N library. I've been working on mine for some time and might share it someday, but for now this week's Free GM Resource is an Appendix N library available from the Internet Archive.

Here's the description for the Appendix N library:
"This list of fantasy books was drawn up by the late E. Gary Gygax toward the end of the 1970s. While formalizing the advanced rule set for Dungeons & Dragons, a game he created with Dave Arneson, Gygax added an appendix to his Dungeon Master's Guide listing the books that inspired him to create his fantasy role-playing game. “Upon such a base I built my interest in fantasy,” Gygax wrote, “being an avid reader of all science fiction and fantasy literature since 1950.” Over the years this reading list has become so well-known in the role-playing world that it’s merely referred to as Appendix N."

Appendix N Listing in the 1st Edition GMG
Now while there is an Appendix N listing in the GMG, I personally would suggest GMs and players come up with their own list, and feel free to add and subtract authors and titles based on their preferences......I mean, why have a library of books you don't want to read?!

This collection is a good beginning of 33 books you can download and/or borrow.....for free!

Check out this Appendix N collection over at the Internet Archive.

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  1. Here is a link to the Appendix N Bookclub podcast by Tenkar at Tenkar's Tavern blog. I've listened to a a few and they are quite good: