Free GM Resource: Hero Forge STL Files for Minis to Print at Home

Free GM Resource: Hero Forge STL Files for Minis to Print at Home
Last week I was a day late, so this week I'll be a day early with the Free GM Resource.....

Hero Forge, the guys who let you make custom minis, have been making some changes and one of those changes is the fact that you don't have to actually buy the physical mini from them.....assuming you have the ability to 3D print minis at home.

Maybe you know this already and you've been wondering if Hero Forge was worth checking out.....if so then you might want to know that for the month of May they are taking a couple bucks off of the price of picking up a STL file for printing up that mini, that you designed on their website, on your home 3D Printer.

Use the code ​STAYHOMEANDPRINT to get those customized STL files for $5.99 until May 31st.

OK. I'm sure by now at least one of my 12 13 regular readers has gotten this far and thought, "While I may or may not actually be interested in a custom mini STL file for $6, this is supposed to be a fricken FREE GM RESOURCE.....where is my FREEBIE?!"

Well, my dear impatient reader, every Friday during the month of May Hero Forge is giving away a free STL file for you to download. You'll need to establish an account and then navigate to your account page and BAM! there will not only be the "May Mini of the Week", but a couple sample STL files to download as well.

The 1st May Mini of the Week is the Skeletal Sentinel.

So there's not only your one freebie file, or five if you keep coming back to get the new ones, but three (or, eight), so.......insert inappropriate commentary regarding your alleged impatience.


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