Free GM Resources: Old School Essentials PDF Form PC Sheet (Modified)

Free GM Resources: Old School Essentials PDF Form PC Sheet (Modified)
Sorry for the delay in handing out this week's Free GM Resource, but it couldn't really be helped. I had totally intended something else entirely, but an opportunity arose and in order to fully take advantage of it I had some extra work to do....

I've recently started playing in a BX game and I've been trying different PC sheets that I've been cycling through, trying to find something that fits what I wanted. During said "tryouts" I came across Old School Essentials. I have my hardcopy of the OSE Rules Tome on it's way and I started looking at their PC sheets....one caught my fancy but wasn't quite up to spec.

Front page of the modified OSE PC SheetMuch to my surprise this one kind-of-close sheet really piqued my interest and...this was the important part, not a locked-down PDF. This let me open it up and fiddle-fart around a bit tweaking this, that, and the other to my heart's content. Even though this was 110% for my own use I had some extra space here & there and thought I'd add a few things that might be useful for a new player, mostly just repeating some modifier info where one might look for it.

Of course while this was for my use I knew someone else may have use for it so I reached out to Necrotic Gnome and showed them my tweaks. Now I figured at most I'd just print this sheet up for use at a convention and my own use and that be that. I didn't expect to get a response allowing me to share the sheet as long as I noted it was modified by me.

I certainly don't need credit, but I can easily comply as long as I get to share the sheet. Might not be your style, but hey....it just might.

Back page of the modified OSE PC Sheet
Now I got this word yesterday (Monday) and could have easily just made the quick attribution and been on my way, but I figured that if I was going to share this then I should at least go ahead and tweak it out to be a form-fillable PC sheet. I'm on the fence a bit on PDF for PC sheets, but I do like to keep copies of sheets on file as my (and players when I GM) PCs level. Never know when you need to whip out a Xth level whatever for a pick-up game.

Anyway, if you find this PC sheet useful send me all your money! Just kidding.....I suggest you use it to have fun playing some OSR game and take a minute to check out Necrotic Gnome and Old School Essentials.

I haven't made up my mind quite yet on which particular flavor of BX/OSR to call my favorite, so I won't extol the virtues of one vs. the other, but I've liked what I've seen of OSE so far. Expect more on that front later......

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the custom PC sheet I "made" from my Google Drive.

PS. Inevitably there will be some stupid error I made on the form since I didn't take an extra day to QC it personally. Give me a head's up here and I'll see what I can do (if you just don't like the default font or something like that.....you can tweak that yourself).

PPS. I completely failed to mention that this is a US Letter sized PC sheet, 'cause I'm American and we just have to do things differently here and I'm just following the norms for my location.


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