Free GM Resource: D&D Solo Adventures

Free GM Resource: D&D Solo Adventures
So yesterday I was writing about "playing with yourself" over at Tenkar's Tavern....specifically referring to RPGs, and I needed to look up the name of a solo adventure I had played before. All I remember was that it was an official TSR product and used that weird red film window to let your read the "hidden" text of the module.

I found it with a quick Google search, but not until after stumbling across the website "DND Solo Adventures". Wait....what? That's an actual thing?

Sure enough. "Paul" has put together a series of series of quests/dungeon delves into a campaign of sorts and bundled up most everything but the dice and rules you'll need to tackle the campaign solo. His website steps your through the process (handy "How to Play" as well as print & play accessories) AND the adventure itself. It's online, but if you're reading this so are you.

Paul's Dragon Shore Campaign is written with 4th Edition D&D in mind. I don't have a single XP in that 4th Edition so I'm not going to pretend to say if it's a good adventure or not, but there's a lot of solo gaming on this one campaign. If 4th Edition is your thing, or if you think you can make it work in another edition (again, no XP on that front), you really should check out D&D Solo Adventures.

If you do though, and like it even a little bit, send Paul an email of thanks....he deserves that much!


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