Just a Little Appreciation for Tom Tullis & Fat Dragon Games

Just a Little Appreciation for Tom Tullis & Fat Dragon Games
I've NEVER been shy about how great Tom Tullis and Fat Dragon Games (FDG) is. When I had first met Tom I had already purchased most of his paper terrain sets on CD and I was wanting to do a bit of a collaboration with FDG.

I had just started heading up the HackMaster Association for KenzerCo and was in my initial drafts of writing a three-part tournament adventure. I'd already done one three-parter, but that was more for local use and this one I only had some rough outlines for, but it was going to be for the HMA Wurld Championship. Anyway, I thought it would be cool as a bonus to be able to provide pre-printed maps and even paper terrain. I didn't necessarily need anything special, but I wanted to get permission to use FDG terrain at up to eight tables and maybe.....maybe get a coupon code for a percentage off for the players/GMs to purchase the files for the terrain used in the game.

I'm not even sure Tom completely "got" what I was suggesting, because...come on, we're at GenCon and it's busy. I'm a fricken stranger and all I'm hoping to accomplish is to plant a seed, follow up with an email after the convention, and let Tom check with KenzerCo at his convenience to verify my backstory. I doubt I was nearly as eloquent as I could be here pounding away at this keyboard.

Didn't really matter. Tom indicated that he knew I was trying to support a convention game and started handing me CDs clearly indicating "Take what you want." I didn't actually take any CDs of terrain files 'cause I already had them all, but the fact he was so willing to support gamers/gaming really sat with me.

That's just a personal example from my past, but a more current example that you can see on your own here: "The remastered DRAGONLOCK Dungeons Expansion Set 1 set has now been uploaded to DrivethruRPG. This is a FREE upgrade for anyone who bought their set from FDG (either our website/DrivethruRPG or Kickstarter.) Just log into your DTRPG account and re-download from your account library. 🙂"

Now Tom & FDG is currently in the middle of production of files to fulfill pledges and stretch goals for their most recent Kickstarter. To be spending time (and money!) going back and improving older, already paid-for products? Who does this? Evidently Fat Dragon Games does.

I think most companies would update files to make things work/print better, but to add content and just pretty up sculpts?

This is the kind of thing that makes Fat Dragon Games stand out to me. It isn't the only thing.....I'm a HUGE fan of their naming convention, which should be a 3d Printer standard, but if you don't have 160+GB of stl files like I do.....you might not notice.


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