Free GM Resource: Modellismo Fantasy


Free GM Resource: Modellismo Fantasy
I'm just coming off quarantine after my business trip, and also resting up after a back injury, so I've had waaaaaaaay too much time to myself....and "lost" too much of it to YouTube.

I know I said I wasn't going to do too many YouTube channels....I think my goal was no more than one a month, but I did one last week so I should be good until October, BUT I found an awesome terrain building channel and I'm not waiting a month..

Modellismo Fantasy does some pretty cool stuff at a level of detail that I found pretty aweseomtastic (yes, I made up a word for this channel). I stumbled across one video and thought that this might be a bit overkill for some table-top RPG use and more appropriate for diorama, but if you want to make something drool-worthy for your players............


It's in Italian so you might want to make sure that you have the close captions on......


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