New Frugal GM PWYW Tweak & Toss Location/NPC

New Frugal GM PWYW Tweak & Toss Location/NPC
A conversation on Facebook yesterday made me think of a particular establishment I created in one of my campaigns to serve as a potential base of operations for a new fledgling party.

I couldn't get the idea out of my head, partially because I barely tapped into the potential I had planned for the place, but the campaign didn't last....as these things happen. The next best think I could do is try to get they crap, er stuff in my head down on paper in some fashioned and set if off into the world where maybe some other enterprising GM can makes some tweaks to it and call it their own.

FGM046: The Guildhall GoodsI had never tried doing one of my "Tweak & Toss" supplements on this particular laptop and I was having some issues with the PDF printing I'll have to iron out, but since I started late and it was after 3 AM when I finished......well I just made it a full page landscape print you'll have to duplex and then fold yourself instead of a simple "booklet print". This exchanges the ability to print the inside fold page which is the map for the ability to easily navigate it as an electronic document.

Of course this isn't an exact copy of what I used in my campaign, and I had to leave some details out, but the base shell is there and I think there is enough "meat on the bones" for a GM to work with, which is my general point with these things.

It's PWYW and believe me you are not insulting me by downloading it for free. Getting this idea out of my head and out into the world is plenty good for now. Like usual, click on either graphic in this post to go to the appropriate DTRPG page, or use this link.


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