Free GM Resource: Ambient Mixer


Free GM Resource: Ambient Mixer
I'm a big fan of audio at the game table, even though I rarely pull it off myself. I've been toying with digital soundboards and there is one I kind of like, but I've been also thinking about creating a physical push-button soundboard as a hobby project.

Of course that is only distantly related to today's Free GM Resource. I was at a Half Priced Books today and picked up a project book for Raspberry Pi and a soundboard was one of the projects.....which is why this was on my mind today.

Ambient Mixer is a cool website that just has some awesome ambient soundscapes you can run from your web browser. Now there is a Android app that draws from the the website, but a lot of the recent reviews report huge crash issues. Not sure if that's a new thing...like a bad update, or if it's an underlying issue that never got resolved. I'd just stick with the website for now.

This is pretty cool!


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