Free GM Resource: Villains and Vigilantes Supplementals


Free GM Resource: Villains and Vigilantes Supplementals
Last week I was at an undisclosed location where I may or may not have been interviewing for a new job closer to family.....

This week I figured I'd make up for it by pointing out a whole category of freebies from Fantasy Games Unlimited for their game Villains and Vigilantes.

If you haven't played Villains and Vigilantes before, it's a Superhero RPG that's on version 2.1 (which you have to get elsewhere, BUT it is on sale right now on DriveThruRPG ) This page of Free GM Resources is all about V&V, but I cannot seem to find a link to this page from the home page or the V&V page....go figure.

The freebies consist mostly maps and encounters, but there is at least one scenario and some NPC products. If you buy the game for (what is now) $7.50 and then grab the freebies.....you'll have a bit to play with at a decent overall cost.


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