Free GM Resource: Google Drive & Files


Free GM Resource: Google Drive & Files
Like many of the Free GM Resources I put up here, I know that not everything will work for everyone, but if it's something I get some good mileage out of, I have to assume others will as well.

I personally do not care for Apple products, having dumped my iPhone & iPods when Apple just started making my life a tad more difficult than I had liked.....basically not letting me have control over my own devices, but that rant is old and on my personal blog years ago...

So I'm an Android fan and love Google making some things easier for me. Now I'm one of those guys who tends to have something like four or five copies of my data: one on my laptop, a backup drive, a secondary backup drive, and a tertiary drive kept well off-site (like 1,000 miles away offsite!). Now my gaming stuff will probably be on a thumbdrive or three, but.....

....of course whenever I seem to need something it isn't so handy. Maybe I'm at a con and my laptop is in my room, or the thumbdrives aren't USB C, so good luck looking at my stuff on my tablet....where is my adapter again?

I swear there is an inverse relationship to how backed up my data is to my ability to easily use & share it when I'm not at my desk at home.

This is where I'm thankful for, and recommending as a Free GM Resource Google Drive and Google Files. Since both have size limitations (I think my free Google Drive is *only* 17GB), but if I'm using that space to hold onto my PC sheets, or campaign notes, instead of PDF copies of the rules books....that online space goes a long, long way.

When I'm working on a project I want to share or access on-the-fly, especially if it's written or a spreadsheet (i.e. Google Docs or Google Sheets) using these two is great. I can make it shareable (to participate in or just view-only) and just send a link. So much better than emailing a copy and then having to deal with revisions/version control. I like being able to pop of my phone and quickly find the file I need and use/review.

It just works, and works well.


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