Free Stuff from Throneofsalt!

Free Stuff from Throneofsalt!
This week's Free Gm Resource is a bit of a small freebie depository, but I'm really focusing on one particular resource 'cause I think it's awesome, but I'll stick in a pin in this and go over the lot from Throneofsalt's itch page:

Break Their Pride By A Woman's Hand -OSR small adventure in phamplet form.

Lighthouse on the Spur - A creepy location for your campaign...surprise! It's a lighthouse.

Dungeon Hobos: Some cool "flavor text" you can add to your dungeons, complete with vectorized graphics for you to steal lovingly borrow.

Dog God Deluxe - a zine

I love, love, LOVE the ides of the murder dungeon hobos marking things up in the dungeon. I am so going to be using this as a GM and maybe even as a player! The idea is rooted in American history and one of those common-sense yet brilliant things.


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