Final Few Hours in FDG's Kickstarter- With BONUS STUFF!

Final Few Hours in FDG's Kickstarter- With BONUS STUFF!
If you were thinking of joining the 3D printing world I personally recommend stuff (ok, .STL files) from Fat Dragon Games. They're in the final few hours of their latest Kickstarter and today Tom Tullis (FDG's Main Man) sent out this newsletter...

.....oh, BTW you want some freebies, make sure you head over to the FDG website and sign up for the newsletter and you'll get some freebies every month or so (I say "so" 'cause I haven't bothered to track if he's been on or off schedule on those freebies....)

Don’t miss out on the free stretch and bonus rewards, FINAL CHANCE!


As a thank you for supporting us, core pledges will also receive a special coupon from us in March to purchase our upcoming FDG 18th Anniversary terrain set with over 200 models (retail price $50.00) for only $0.99! We appreciate you backing us and helping us support our families, so it’s only fair we support you in return with several special backer-only specials and gifts this year.

So I'm thinking that while not free......$0.99 for an actual terrain set is as close to a best next thing as you can get. Yes, you have to spend some dough to get that $0.99 special, BUT you get a lot there and if you averaged it all out....still a great price....and you can do the add-ons or wait for a FDG sale on DTRPG.

Still you should check this out if you haven't already!


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