Free GM Resource: Pathfinder Nexus

Free GM Resource: Pathfinder Nexus
Now this isn't for me, but if you wanted to take a quick look under the hood of Pathfinder 2e, and specifically the upcoming digital toolset, head on over to Pathfinder Nexus, make an account, and start tooling around.

There's a closed Alpha you can sign up for, which I don't get....if you can sign up for it, would it really be "closed". I suspect that they just mean it's not publicly available.

I did some looking myself and what I see feels a little D&D 3.5ish, but didn't look it.  While on some levels I'm not interested in playing, I'm going to pick up Pathfinder 2e if I get a decent chance.

Edit: Just found out about a current Humble Bundle containing a metric butt-load of Pathfinder 2E material.....and I went ahead and bought in.


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