Free GM Resource: Syrinscape 2nd Look

Free GM Resource: Syrinscape 2nd Look
I covered Syrinscape back in .....2013(?!). It's been just shy of a decade and when I got an email from the creator, I went back to see how the last 10 years has fared and there's been a lot of progress. This isn't so much a recycled Free GM Resource, but a much-needed update.

Syrinscape can be utilized in two ways: online, or through a free app. Functionality is a bit different between the two but you can get two flavors of the app for free (Fantasy of SciFi) and each freebie version comes with 10 SoundSets (collection) each.

If you want more, or to add you own sounds, you'll need to pay for the privilege.

The thing is, you can play with both the app and the online player for free and they even offer a free month of their subscription service. The service is either $7.15 or $10.99 a month, which seems too rich for my blood, BUT if I was GMing online with a VTT I could totally see how I'd like to use Syrinscape Online. There's some extra cool bells and whistles that I think would get me a lot of mileage for immersion with players geographically separated.

I suspect, with my own style of GMing, I wouldn't get enough mileage out of this, but that's also more on my then on them. 

Thing is, I'm not really even scratching the surface of what Syrinscape can do....and I think that some of the features are a bit buried. For example, there is a way for you to use the Syrinescape Online to have player toggle certain sounds on their end, which I only saw when watching one of the videos on the Syrinscape website.

You're probably best checking out Syrinscape yourself. Poke around the web-based player and please, check out the videos. 


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