New Printable Scenery Campaign: Ramshackle & Ruin

New Printable Scenery Campaign: Ramshackle & Ruin
I don't know how many of my peeps here are into 3d printing, but I'm always collecting the STL files for when I get off my own butt and start printing.

I've supported a number of creators over the years, usually through their Kickstarter campaigns, and one of those creators is Printable Scenery.

I like the realism that Printable Scenery (PS) brings to their models and they've been simply awesome with regards to communication and updating files. PS hosts their own files, sends their own emails, and manages their own accounts. It only makes sense that they'd shy away from using Kickstarter for future campaigns and frankly I hope it works well for them.

The Ramshackle & Ruin campaign is strictly in-house and something you should be checking out if you collect .stl files for terrain printing.


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