Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter Appreciation Post

Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter Appreciation Post
So it is no surprise I have a "strictly professional" nerd-crush on Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games. Tom's just straight-up "good people" who generally enjoys having the public persona of a bonafide asshole...which is funny to me because we have enough actual assholes in our hobby already.

Anyway, a little more often than once a year Tom/Fat Dragon Games puts out a Kickstarter for new 3d printing STL files. Now these files are well worth the investment and on top of everything Tom had a youtube channel  Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors. If you haven't subscribed & bookmarked....do so now.


Tom is also rather active helping 3d printing newbs get their setups dialed in and I've seen him offer advice on Facebook several times. He's a one-man resource, but really that's all extra as far as the purpose of this post today.

This week FDG has released some files from the most recent Kickstarter and, as usual, Tom put together a simple listing of the status of EVERYTHING from said Kickstarter. I think this should be the defacto standard for STL creators using Kickstarter:

Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter Appreciation Post


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