Free GM Resource: Celestial Aeon Project

This week's free GM resource is something that you may or may not find useful.....but then, isn't every week's resource like that?

For the last couple of years I've been building a small library of background music and sound effect files to be able to use at my game table.  With the exception of some funny "GM Hold Music", everything has cost me some dough and I've yet to use any of it at a game.

The GM Hold Music was a hit and is worth checking out on its own even if only for a laugh.

The Celestial Aeon Project is the creation of Finnish composer Matti Paalanen.  A description of the Celestial Aeon Project, in his own words:
"Celestial Aeon Project is a pure soundtrack project that publishes instrumental, orchestral background soundscapes. General atmosphere and visual feel lead to fantasy worlds and to the realm of the role playing games. General style of C.A.P. is quite nostalgic and simplistic, even - harmonic structures and melodies are quite straightforward and almost improvisational, which may remind listeners of old school computer rpg soundtracks."

You can check out his project site here and all 100 track of the Celestial Aeon Project can be downloaded off of the Jamendo site.

The tracks are pretty cool and great background music for any RPG game.  It'll take a little bit of time to download all the songs, which are broken down into 10 "albums", but i think you'll find them worth it.


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