Free GM Resource: Tavern Maker

Free GM Resource: Tavern Maker
This week's Free GM Resource is an interesting little database program that quickly generates a tavern for you campaign. While TavernMaker isn't quite complete, there is really quite a lot going on under the hood. You can tell that there is some possible upgrades expected, but I'm not sure how forthcoming they will be.

Still, definitely worth a download.

The generator settings are quite easy to manipulate, consisting of four main variables with some sub-options as well. One thing I think is really great is that when you set up the variables the way you like them you can just save those settings. One way I think this is useful is I can set up the general parameters for an area and just regenerate or quickly tweak things on the fly.

When you generate a tavern you get a short description of all the people at occupied tables, a listing of what they have to pick-pocket, and a map. The map can be printed or saved as a BMP file. While the map is pretty simple, it does give a scale and even a coat of arms for the establishment.

It doesn't take too long to figure out that there is a lot of potential for this program, like adding tavern menus, etc. Unfortunately the project seems to have stalled out some years ago. Still, even in just this limited program offering there is a lot a GM can get out of this. If you need a tavern on the fly, use this to generate one, make any tweaks needed, then just add some names and menus.

TavernMaker can really cut down some of the work of putting together a tavern for your FRPG.

2014.06.20 Edit
When setting up my new office computer after a HDD crash I found I was missing some TavernMaker files and tried to download the program, with not too much luck. Fortunately I did find some help from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, specifically the last update of 2013: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.tavernmaker.de/eng/men-eng-inf.htm

I've gone ahead and left the original links up in case they come back.....